Soft Tops & Hard Tops

  • Supertop NX Replacement Soft Top
  • Cargo Net for 4 Door Jeep
  • Freedom Fastback Single Sunroof Hard Top
  • Sun Shade Mesh Top
  • Long Black Mesh Top


Featured Brands

  • Smittybilt® - Factory Replacement Soft Top
    # sp2979
    Factory Replacement Soft Top by Smittybilt®. If your original soft top is worn or torn, replace it with the best OE style replacement you can buy, Smittybilt. Made from durable marine-grade vinyl coated OEM style fabric, all seams are...
    Manufactured from durable marine-grade vinyl coated OEM style soft top fabric that resists fading and stretchingAll seams heat sealed to prevent leakage
    $159.38 - $288.00
  • King 4WD® - Premium Soft Top
    # sp198911
    Premium Soft Top by King 4WD®. King 4WD Premium soft tops have been developed with the most comprehensive engineering standards & requirements typically used for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Each aspect of the top has that extra...
    24oz Marine Grade Water Proof UV Stable Two Layer FabricPressed and Polished DOT Approved Flexible Glass
    $169.99 - $299.99
  • Rampage® - Factory Replacement Soft Top
    # sp9951
    Factory Replacement Soft Top by Rampage®. This Full featured replacement top is designed to be a complete OE replacement for your worn or torn soft top. Marine grade durable vinyl coated soft top OEM style fabrics to resist fading and...
    Replaces your baked, worn out factory topFeatures two zippered ceiling storage pockets
    $219.90 - $489.62
  • Rampage® - Complete Soft Top
    # sp3488
    Complete Soft Top by Rampage®. Includes everything - Fabric top, Windows, Frame & Hardware plus exclusive Rampage accessories. Replace your worn out top system or convert a hardtop to a soft top and get organized in the process.
    Replaces your baked, worn out factory top or use when converting from hard topAll-in-one kit includes vinyl windows, soft top, bows, frame and hardware
    $563.13 - $684.99
  • Bestop® - Traditional Style Bikini™ Top
    # sp9949
    Traditional Style Bikini™ Top by Bestop®. The Traditional Bikini has classic old school styling. Attaches to rear of vehicle via tie-down straps.
    Provides coverage from direct sunlight and sudden rain stormsClassic styling from the originator of the famous Bikini® top
    $69.56 - $119.31
  • Bestop® - Trektop™ NX Plus Soft Top
    # sp186987
    Trektop™ NX Plus Soft Top by Bestop®. The Trektop NX Plus brings a tight, clean fabric soft top look to your Jeep. Run it as a fully-enclosed, all-season soft top for protection from the elements or remove the sides and rear window...
    Run it as a fully-enclosed, all-season soft top or remove the sides and rear window and enjoy it as a bikiniEasier-than-ever access to sunshine with the Sunrider™ design which allows the top to open from inside the vehicle
    $849.99 - $1,549.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - Eclipse Sun Shade
    # sp18376
    Eclipse Sun Shade by Rugged Ridge®. Designed to provide an open air-experience while shielding passengers from harsh sunlight, the Eclipse Sun Shade features reinforced mesh construction. The sun shade installs between the front portion...
    Reinforced mesh fabric reduces glare, heat, and windSimple bungee ball attachments
    $59.99 - $89.99Save: 10%
    $50.85 - $80.99
  • Bestop® - Replace-a-Top™ Sailcloth Soft Top
    # sp9947
    Replace-a-Top™ Sailcloth Soft Top by Bestop®. Is your soft top torn, tattered, and faded, with cloudy and opaque windows? If the factory support hardware is still in good shape, upgrade to this heavy multi-ply Sailcloth fabric with...
    Unique, heavier, multi-ply Sailcloth fabricReplaces worn out soft top and windows
    $649.99 - $949.99
  • Bestop® - Supertop™ Classic Complete Replacement Soft Top
    # sp2937
    Supertop™ Classic Complete Replacement Soft Top by Bestop®. The Bestop® Supertop® soft tops have become the standard against which all other soft tops are measured, offering the highest quality in function, fit, and style....
    Supertop® kits include hardware, soft top fabric and windows. Some kits include soft doorsFor unsurpassed appearance and durability, the premium fabric maintains its shape in any temperature, is mildew-resistant, contains UV inhibitors and is offered in factory original colors
    $649.99 - $1,199.99
  • Bestop® - Trektop™ NX Glide™ Convertible Soft Top
    # sp123474
    Trektop™ NX Glide™ Convertible Soft Top by Bestop®. Inspired by the most popular soft top in the market since 2012 - the Trektop NX - the Trektop NX Glide brings together versatility, durability, and extreme ease of operation - plus...
    Features Bestop's "must-have" fastback stylingZipperless side and rear window panels allow for easy slide-in/slide-out operation just like the ultra-premium Trektop™ Pro soft top
    $1,149.99 - $1,749.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - Factory Replacement Soft Top
    # sp2977
    Factory Replacement Soft Top by Rugged Ridge®. Rugged Ridge replacement tops use only the finest vinyl coated polyester. A direct OE replacement to match factory fabric, each color is specially formulated to match the original equipment...
    Designed to easily fit factory original soft top hardwareAvailable in black diamond
    $169.99 - $699.99Save: 10%
    $152.99 - $629.99
  • Smittybilt® - OEM Replacement Bowless Soft Top Combo with Tinted Windows
    # sp20215
    OEM Replacement Bowless Soft Top Combo with Tinted Windows by Smittybilt®. Upper door skins not included. Made from durable marine-grade vinyl coated OEM style fabric to resist fading and stretching, all seams are heat sealed to prevent...
    Heavy duty hook-and-loop systemNo factory bow hardware required
    $380.36 - $489.99
  • Smittybilt® - Premium OEM Replacement Canvas Soft Top with Tinted Windows
    # sp18669
    Premium OEM Replacement Canvas Soft Top with Tinted Windows by Smittybilt®. Whether you are looking for a warm weather soft top or simply need to replace your worn out factory top, Smittybilt has what you need. The Smittybilt Premium...
    High definition, 40ml DOT-approved vinyl window, thickest in the industryMade of ProT3k Trident structure - 37oz multi-layered, wrinkle-free material that is 24% thicker than O.E. specs
    $424.78 - $601.99
  • Coverking® - Bikini Top Cover
    # sp223962
    Bikini Top Cover by Coverking®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Coverking features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is manufactured to meet or...
    Made from Rhinohide™ materialUV resistant
  • Bestop® - Strapless Style Bikini™ Top
    # sp9950
    Strapless Style Bikini™ Top by Bestop®. The Strapless Bikini® is an update on the traditional classic Bikini top: instead of straps running down to the back corners, the Strapless fits tightly over the sports bars, and uses a...
    Strapless Bikinis® attach directly to sport bars for a super-clean lookIndustrial-grade webbing helps minimize flapping
    $59.67 - $113.94
  • Steinjager® - Teddy Top Screen
    # sp13648
    Teddy Top Screen by Steinjager®. This Teddy™ Top Solar Screen Cover easily installs in minutes with the use of the supplied bungee balls. There are cut-outs in the top to allow you to leave this cover on even when you have your...
    Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
    $42.99 - $159.99
  • ClearLidz™ - Panoramic Freedom Transparent Hard Top
    # sp199803
    Panoramic Freedom Hard Top by Cle rLidz™. This shatterproof transparent top from ClearLidz is a real dream of every Jeep Wrangler owner. Made from military-grade polycarbonate, this top will withstand the harshest weather while...
    Made from military-grade polycarbonate for the ultimate in durabilityProvides a breathtaking 180-degree panoramic view
    $1,376.99 - $1,444.99
  • Bestop® - Supertop™ NX Complete Replacement Soft Top
    # sp2938
    Supertop™ NX Complete Replacement Soft Top by Bestop®. Supertop® NX is Bestop's factory style soft top comes with factory-style door surrounds, factory-style windshield channel, and tinted windows. Plus, it includes a Top Arch to...
    Kit includes soft top fabric, side and rear windows, door surrounds, tailgate bar and all hardware for installationFeatures sunroof option in TJ, TJD and JK models for open air driving (not included in YJ models)
    $999.99 - $1,849.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - XHD Replacement Soft Top
    # sp20595
    XHD Replacement Soft Top by Rugged Ridge®. New and improved XHD Replacement Soft-Tops from Rugged Ridge are now available with 50 percent thicker glass! Each fabric soft top is specifically designed to easily fit the factory original...
    20 oz. durable vinyl coated polyester and cotton fabricReinforced stitching in heavy pull areas
    $169.99 - $710.99Save: 10%
    $152.99 - $710.99
  • Rampage® - California Brief Soft Top
    # sp9953
    California Brief Soft Top by Rampage®. Rampage California Brief Soft Top for vehicles is the stylish way to cover the area above the driver and passenger from sudden rain showers! Simple installation. Made from original equipment...
    Provides cover from the elementsDurable quick release buckles for easy on, easy off installation
    $47.55 - $138.44
  • Rampage® - TrailView Soft Top
    # sp20026
    TrailView Soft Top by Rampage®. Packed with useful features, this high-grade Rampage soft top will become the right hand in all your driving adventures. It features an aerodynamic design to keep the top in place even at highway speeds...
    Aerodynamic design keeps the top in placeEngineered for a quiet driving experience
    $641.79 - $762.29
  • Rugged Ridge® - Island Topper Brief Soft Top
    # sp18930
    Island Topper Brief Soft Top by Rugged Ridge®. The most advanced summer soft top solution found on the market today, the new Pocket Island Topper. This new design features tough diamond fabric combined with a pair of zipper front...
    Provides protection from the sun and rain showersEasy to remove and install
    $56.49 - $141.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - Savannah Brief Tops
    # sp219375
    Savannah Brief Tops by Rugged Ridge®. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Manufactured from...
    Constructed from durable Black sailcloth top materialProtects both front & rear passengers from harsh sunlight
    $189.99 - $199.99Save: 10%
    $170.99 - $179.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - Summer Brief
    # sp18932
    Summer Brief by Rugged Ridge®. Custom designed for each body style, these easy on, easy off briefs provide protection from the hot sun and sudden showers. Each Rugged Ridge Summer Brief attaches to the factory center hoop and windshield...
    Provides protection from the sun and rain showersEasy to remove and install
    $59.99 - $74.99Save: 10%
    $53.99 - $67.49
  • Smittybilt® - C-RES.2 HD Cargo Restraint System
    # sp9944
    C-RES.2 HD Cargo Restraint System by Smittybilt®. When you're charging through the hammers, the last thing you want is your gear flying out. The newly designed C-Res.2 Heavy Duty top features 2-inch military grade polyester webbing with...
    Rugged, triple stitched 2-inch polyester webbingCan be used in conjunction with hard or soft tops
    $158.80 - $249.99
  • Bestop® - Trektop™ NX Complete Replacement Soft Top
    # sp2941
    Trektop™ NX Complete Replacement Soft Top by Bestop®. Bestop's new "bowless" fastback top. The Trektop NX features removable windows, factory style-door surrounds, Sunrider sunroof features, and factory-style header bar. The...
    Kit includes soft top fabric, door surrounds, removable windows, windshield channel, tailgate bar and sunroof featureThe Trektop NX is two tops in one! Use it as a full top or remove the side and rear windows and have a Safari Bikini option
    $849.99 - $1,149.99
  • Rampage® - Frameless Soft Top Kit
    # sp9957
    Frameless Soft Top Kit by Rampage®. Rampage Products Frameless Soft Top offers durable all-weather functionality coupled with aerodynamic styling unlike factory bow style soft tops.
    Factory grade material & colorPatent Pending Dual Panel Window storage between ceiling and Jeep Top
    $402.23 - $672.24
  • Pavement Ends® - Replay™ Fabric-only Soft Top
    # sp3736
    Replay™ Fabric-only Soft Top by Pavement Ends®. After years of use and exposure to the elements, the average soft top has fabric that is torn, tattered, and faded. But just because you're on a budget, don't think that your only...
    Quality, durable, feature packed fabric-only soft top at an affordable priceReplaces worn out soft top fabric and windows
    $220.88 - $497.69
  • Bestop® - Sun Bikini™ Top
    # sp9948
    Sun Bikini™ Top by Bestop®. An interior sun shade that attaches above the driver and passenger seats, and stays there whether your soft top or hard top is on the vehicle.
    No extra-cost windshield channel needed to mount Sun BikiniUses simple hook-n-loop fastener and Bestop's J-Hook system for a no-drill installation
    $94.99 - $179.87
  • Rugged Ridge® - Acoustic Brief Soft Top
    # sp18928
    Acoustic Brief Soft Top by Rugged Ridge®. This unique top will drastically reduce road noise inside your Jeep. It features padded acoustic inserts that absorb road noise, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes as you enjoy open...
    Dramatically reduces road noise within the cabLined with tightly woven acoustic padded inserts

We know that many of you like the minimalist, bare bones look and feel of no top and no doors on your Jeep or SUV. It's a lot of fun to go off road and tool around town like that, but when that sudden downpour comes out of's nice to have some kind of protection. We offer soft and hard tops from popular brands for Jeeps and many SUVs. Browse our selection; we have everything from complete replacements to the smallest Bikini tops.

Which Top Is Best For Me?

It depends on how you use your vehicle. Many owners use a hard top through the cold winter months and then have a soft hood for the summer.

  • Hard tops offer more security and better insulation for a quieter ride and better HVAC performance, but they're more difficult to remove and install, requiring 2 people or a hoist.
  • Soft tops offer more flexibility; you can raise or lower the top as needed in minutes. However, fabrics are not designed to offer complete protection from cold weather, and wind noise can become an issue at high speeds.

While we offer options for many different SUVs, we have more soft tops for Jeeps than for any other vehicle. If you own a Wrangler or its CJ predecessor, our selection of products is literally Jeep nirvana. We have replacement fabric for your factory hardware, complete replacement tops that include hardware, fabric, windows, and doors, as well as frameless, mesh, Bikini tops, Halftops, and Island Toppers. With our catalog you can get as much or as little coverage as you want, in your choice of design, color and fabric material.

Better Than Stock

If the soft top on your Jeep is cracked, torn, and faded, with cloudy, yellowed windows, don't just replace it, upgrade to the finest product available. We have replacements made by the same manufacturers that supply the tops to some of the biggest automakers including Bestop which provides Chrysler with soft tops for installation on Wranglers at the factory. But they have features not found on the originals like an arch in the framework above the front seats to minimize flapping, 40 mil windows, and exclusive fabrics.

The Black Twill is a 30 oz. multi-ply fabric that delivers a level of refinement usually only seen on highend sports and luxury cars like Jaguar, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce. Here you'll find the right soft top for your off-road vehicle with a set of features you are likely to look for, including but not limited to:

  • Quick and easy to remove
  • Designed for a perfect fit
  • Compact when folded
  • Comes with a storage pocket
  • Made from tough fabric in your choice of colors

OEM Style

However, if your idea of a top is less, not more than what the factory provides, we've got you covered! The Trektop is easy to install and uses the sport bars for support, creating a sporty, fastback look. When you want protection with an open air feel, you can't beat a Bikini or Island Topper that attaches easily with straps and buckles. The mesh construction is the Bikini concept taken further only this time you get protection from the sun while letting the cool breezes flow. The Halftop style takes the Bikini to the next level with a rear window and deck cover that seals off the cockpit and rear of the vehicle.

Great Value

Regardless of the style or brand you choose, the one thing you can count on with the tops we offer is quality. The brands we carry have been in the business for many years and they know what works. You get premium fabric, heavy-duty zippers, industrial strength stitching, and DOT approved windows. We also offer accessories like a hard top storage system that has space for the hardtop and doors as well as a duffle for window storage and loose parts.

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Soft & Hard Tops Reviews

With an old crusty original top being replaced by this one, we have saved 20 minutes every time we put the top down and even more time putting it back up. Perfect fit for a 2004 Jeep Wrangler. Goes back up in minutes. Saves your fingers, nails and skin. I wish I'd bought it sooner.
Posted by Brian (Savannah, GA) / September 08, 20202004 Jeep Wrangler
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