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Featured Brands

  • Titan Fuel Tanks® - Buddy In-Bed Spare Tire Mounting System
    # mpn4758645020
    Universal Buddy In-Bed Spare Tire Mounting System by Titan Fuel Tanks®. Install anywhere on rails in bed. Securely holds most any size tire. Innovative spare tire mounting system, for mounting a spare tire in a truck bed. This Spare...
    No more crawling under your truck for the spare! Simple to use, to install or to remove! No drilling, cutting or welding required for installation! An adjustable wrench, a knife, and tape measure are the only tools neededInstall anywhere on rails in bed
  • Boomerang® - Rigid Series™ Spare Tire Cover
    # sp2551
    Rigid Series™ Spare Tire Cover by Boomerang®. This accessory is in a class by itself. Boomerang's rigid tire cover is made of UV-resistant ABS plastic to defend your spare tire from the unwanted elements. In its turn, a durable vinyl...
    Enhances the rear end of your vehicleMolded plastic face plate for a clean finished look
    $84.95 - $204.95
  • Surco® - Van Tire Carrier
    # sp21011
    Van Tire Carrier by Surco®. This product is made from high-grade materials to meet the strictest standards of high quality. Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, this Van Tire Carrier ensures superior reliability. It...
    One piece solid constructionManufactured from heavy duty steel construction
    $125.32 - $204.41
  • CURT® - Spare Tire Mount for 2" Receivers
    # mpn1091783
    Universal Spare Tire Mount for 2" Receivers by CURT®. Pin hole locations: hole closest to upright bar measures 5-1/2" from the center of hole to upright; middle hole measures 7-1/2" from center to upright; furthest hole from upright bar...
    Multiple holes on the shank provide added clearance as needed24" height and slotted holes accommodate multiple tire sizes
  • Rampage® - Spare Tire Cover
    # 14166016
    Universal Spare Tire Cover by Rampage®. Material: Vinyl. Cover Type: Soft. Rampage Spare Tire Cover is designed to protect the spare tire from various elements. This spare tire cover protects the spare tire from getting damaged in the...
    Highly durableWater Resistant
    $23.39 - $35.28
  • Rampage® - Spare Tire Cover
    # sp3492
    Spare Tire Cover by Rampage®. Rampage Vinyl Spare Tire Cover is designed to protect the spare tire from various elements. This spare tire cover protects the spare tire from getting damaged in the sun rays.
    Highly durableWater Resistant
    $57.84 - $81.46
  • Boomerang® - Rigid Series™ Black Textured Spare Tire Cover
    # 11096335
    Universal Rigid Series™ Black Textured Spare Tire Cover by Boomerang®. Material: Molded Face and Vinyl Band. Cover Type: Hard. This accessory is in a class by itself. Boomerang's rigid tire cover is made of UV-resistant ABS plastic to...
    Enhances the rear end of your vehicleMolded plastic face plate for a clean finished look
    $84.95 - $99.95
  • Aluminess® - Van Spare Tire Carrier
    # sp138420
    Van Spare Tire Carrier by Aluminess®. A common modification for Sprinters is to remove the spare tire from underneath the vehicle in order to put extra fuel or fresh water tanks. Aluminess has developed a bolt on tire rack that doesn't...
    Fabricated on state-of-the-art equipmentBuilt extremely tough to last a lifetime
    $810.90 - $1,020.00
  • Plasticolor® - Black Tire Cover
    # 88070977
    Universal Black Tire Cover by Plasticolor®. Material: Vinyl. Cover Type: Soft. Fits 27" - 30" Diameters. Constructed from durable materials and is designed to fit a spare tire perfectly. Easy installation - elastic cord runs along back...
    Adjustable Fit Tire CoverElastic Tie Down For Easy Fit
    $25.81 - $28.73
  • Roadmaster® - Spare Tire Carrier
    # 2997679386
    Universal Spare Tire Carrier by Roadmaster®. The spare tire carrier for vans, SUVs and Class B and C motorhomes! was designed after customer feedback determined that a smaller-sized unit was needed for vans, trucks and SUVs. This...
    With a ready-to-go spare, good sam roadside assistance can get you back on the road quicklyThe Carrier can be lowered to either side for engine access or ladder clearance
    $464.10 - $500.00
  • Boomerang® - MasterSeries™ Tire Cover
    # sp2552
    MasterSeries™ Tire Cover by Boomerang®. This accessory offers both pleasing looks and serious protection for your spare tire. It features a molded plastic face plate and lockable stainless steel ring to cover the tread. The cover...
    Custom-made for a perfect fitSuperior protection for your spare tire
    $254.95 - $449.95
  • Boomerang® - Xtreme Series Spare Tire Cover
    # sp2553
    Xtreme Series Spare Tire Cover by Boomerang®. This top-of-the-line accessory features edgy styling with a molded ABS plastic face plate, wrapping over more than half of the tire tread. The remaining tread is covered with a sturdy...
    Official GM-licensed accessoryEnhances the rear end of your vehicle
    $299.95 - $349.95
  • Rugged Ridge® - 30"-32" Black Spare Tire Cover with Camera Slot
    # mpn4742474150
    Black Spare Tire Cover with Camera Slot by Rugged Ridge®. Size: 30"-32". Material: Vinyl. Cover Type: Soft. Rugged Ridge Spare Tire Covers feature a durable 30-ounce black twill construction and a tough elastic adjustment cord for a...
    Durable 30-ounce black twill constructionSecure fitment with built-in adjusting cord
    $59.99Save: $6.00 (10%)
  • Rugged Ridge® - Spare Tire Cover
    # 475052814
    Universal Spare Tire Cover by Rugged Ridge®. Material: Vinyl. Cover Type: Soft. Set off the back of your hauler with this stylish tire cover. It will also protect your valuable spare wheel and tire from the elements. The spare tire...
    Stylish form fitted cover gives your truck the detailed lookMade of durable vinyl coated polyester fabric
    $16.49 - $29.99Save: 10%
    $14.84 - $26.99
  • Rugged Ridge® - Spartacus HD Tire Carrier Kit
    # sp20999
    Spartacus HD Tire Carrier Kit by Rugged Ridge®. If you have installed larger tires on your rig then a matching spare tire is a must. The problem comes when you try to bolt that new monster tire/wheel combo on your factory spare tire...
    Vibration tested to hybrid SAE/MIL-Spec to simulate vigorous off road driving conditionsTire mounts 2 inches further away form the body
    $69.99 - $499.99Save: 10%
    $62.99 - $449.99
  • BAL® - Retract-A-Spare Tire Carrier
    # mpn4658747518
    Universal Retract-A-Spare Tire Carrier by BAL®. BAL introduces another innovative, space saving product: the Retract-A-Spare Tire Carrier. Allowing you to store your spare tire under your trailer and off the rear bumper, its universal,...
    Telescopic design fits frame widths of 52" to 72""Mounts under frame rails for better location versatility
  • Fabtech® - Black Spare Tire Mount Kit
    # 62687728
    Universal Black Spare Tire Mount Kit by Fabtech®. Constructed of 1 1/4" steel tubing and MIG welded at the joints for long lasting strength and durability. The angled spare tire mount allows you to securely carry a full size spare tire,...
    Precision engineered for your vehicleTested to outperform all comparable products on the market
    $147.92 - $193.81
  • Go Industries® - Tire Carrier Mount
    # sp189843
    Tire Carrier Mount by Go Industries®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Go Industries will last a...
    Built from high quality materials for durabilityDesigned to match rigorous quality standards
    $95.84 - $119.50
  • TeraFlex® - Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit
    # sp212453
    Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit by TeraFlex®. The Alpha Heavy-Duty Hinged Spare Tire Carrier offers easy access to the rear cargo area in one smooth action. Using the factory tailgate hinge mounting points spreads the load...
    All parts manufactured to TeraFlex standardsImprove your off-roading experience
    $256.99 - $1,114.99
  • Bully® - Black Spare Tire Cover with Zombie Logo
    # 78578533
    Universal Black Spare Tire Cover with Zombie Logo by Bully®. Material: Vinyl. Cover Type: Soft. Bully Large Universal Spare Tire Cover is designed to provide protection to the spare tire keeping the tire dry and clean. This cover offers...
    Gives your vehicle a serious off-road lookCustom-crafted for a perfect fit on your vehicle
    $20.40 - $25.01
  • CE Smith® - Spare Tire Cover
    # 386474184
    Universal Spare Tire Cover by CE Smith®. Spare tire cover protects your trailer tires from weather and UV damage. Constructed from a strong black vinyl with a corded edge and elastic closure for snug fit. Strong black vinyl with corded...
    Designed to provide exceptional value and efficiencyGreat option to go for hardcore outdoorsmen
    $15.74 - $20.84
  • Covercraft® - Black Spare Tire Cover
    # 11020171
    Universal Black Spare Tire Cover by Covercraft®. Cover Type: Soft. Keep your spare tire protected from any harmful elements and ready for action with this highly efficient cover. The accessory features a double needle seam construction...
    Saves your spare tire from damageAdds a finishing touch to your vehicle's look
    $33.89 - $81.60
  • Fia® - Tire Cover
    # 98827267
    Universal Tire Cover by Fia®. Material: Vinyl. Cover Type: Soft. Fia's Tire cover fits most tires. Made from heavy duty all-weather vinyl, Fia's tire covers are sized to custom fit your tire. They also feature an adjustable, elasticized...
    Made heavy duty all-weather vinylFeatures an elasticized adjustable hem for custom fit
  • MORryde® - Spare Tire Mount
    # sp189850
    Spare Tire Mount by MORryde®. While you were busy conquering some far-off adventure, MORryde was busy dreaming up new accessories for your Jeep _ the kind of aftermarket add-ons that let Jeep enthusiasts venture even greater distances....
    Any Jeep with the stock spare tire carrierAny Jeep with the MORryde spare tire carrier installed
  • MORryde® - Tailgate Reinforcement
    # sp207237
    Tailgate Reinforcement by MORryde®. Big tires mean big adventures for Jeep enthusiasts, but it also means a big burden on your tailgate when you haul the spare. Introducing MORryde’s tailgate support, an American-made accessory that...
    High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
    $156.99 - $360.99
  • Warrior® - Baja Removable Spare Tire Carrier
    # 81127782
    Universal Baja Removable Spare Tire Carrier by Warrior®. This spacer allows an extra 2" of clearance for mounting over-sized tires. It is designed to mount directly to the factory spare tire carrier. This bracket has multiple location...
    Has Quick Release For Tire and UnitMounts To Any Flat Sheet Metal Surface
    $480.17 - $512.17
  • N-Fab® - Bed Mounted Tire Carrier
    # 152410940
    Universal Bed Mounted Tire Carrier by N-Fab®. Mount a single 40" tire securely in the bed, a few inches up off the bed floor, to allow fuller use of the bed for cargo.
    Gets the spare out from under the bedAccommodate larger than stock diameter tires
    $280.95Save: 10%
  • Draw-Tite® - Black Powder Coat Front Mount Spare Tire Carrier
    # mpn1921476
    Universal Black Powder Coat Front Mount Spare Tire Carrier by Draw-Tite®. The spare tire carrier is ideal for relocating spare tires to the front of the vehicle using a front mounted receiver. It has a universal bolt pattern for...
    Designed to safely and efficiently haul your loadsMade from the highest quality materials
  • Smittybilt® - Spare Tire Mount
    # 447747399
    Universal Spare Tire Mount by Smittybilt®. Designed to enable the Defender Roof Basket to carry up to a 33" diameter tire. It's available in several bolt patterns and adjusts for varying wheel widths.
    Enables Defender Roof Basket to easily carry a spare tireFits tires up to 33" in diameter
    $82.25 - $85.99
  • Smittybilt® - Spare Tire Cover
    # 107409848
    Universal Spare Tire Cover by Smittybilt®. Material: Vinyl. Cover Type: Soft. Protect your spare tire from harmful UV rays and heat from the sun and preserve the wheel finish, while giving the back of your Jeep a more complete, finished...
    Stylish form fitting cover gives your Jeep the detailed lookMade of durable denim vinyl material
    $21.99 - $24.99

Whether you’re driving around the corner or across the country, venturing off-road or cruising the boulevard, you have to be prepared for hazards, and an essential part of that means having a spare in case of a flat. But if you’ve changed the size of the tires on your vehicle the OE carrier may no longer cut it. If you want to upgrade your it or mount the spare in a different spot, you’ve come to the right place. No matter how large the wheel/tire or where you want to stow it, we have the right product.

Carry Bigger Wheels

Big off-road tires with aggressive tread sure look great on trucks and SUVs, but they may be too tall and wide to fit on the factory carrier. Using a matching spare is smart because it can be integrated into the tire rotation pattern thus ensuring longer service life, and you won’t have problems if it’s mounted on an axle with a locking differential. We have everything to accommodate large spares, from extensions for the OE carrier to heavy-duty body and bumper mounted carriers and a variety of models for roofs and truck beds.

For Different Sizes & Weights

If you have a Jeep or SUV with a spare on its tailgate, we have several mounting solutions.

  • Extensions for modest upgrades in wheel/tire width and diameter. They allow for higher positioning thus ensuring bumper and body clearance.
  • Heavy-duty body-mount carriers which open with the tailgate for substantially larger wheel and tire combos. They are built to handle the weight of larger wheels and position them higher to clear the bumper.
  • Plus body mount models allow you to use a factory or aftermarket bumper of your choice.

Unmatched Function & Style

However, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading to off-road bumpers, getting a rear bumper with a swing-away carrier is a great choice. Most off-road bumpers provide increased ground clearance so you can tackle steeper approach angles, plus they have off-road essentials like D-ring mounts and many incorporate receiver hitches. They are strong enough to handle the largest and heaviest wheels and tires and typically feature heavy-duty bearings at the pivot for the carrier, which swings out of the way when access to the interior is needed. Some of them are available with attachments designed to allow you to carry other off-road necessities like gas cans and off-road jacks.

Different Options to Meet Truck Owners’ Needs

Jeeps and SUVs aren’t the only off-roaders which may have problems carrying an oversize spare. Taller and wider tires typically won’t fit in the carrier beneath the bed of your pickup truck. We offer bed mount carriers for single and dual tires which can handle wheels of 40” diameter or more. Some of them are easily removable when all the room in the bed is needed. We also offer chase racks which hold the tire and have provisions for mounting an LED light bar, and hinged carriers which install in place of the tailgate. Even if you don’t run oversize wheels, a bed mounted spare is more easily accessible so you will avoid crawling under the truck if you get a flat.

More Mounting Solutions

If you have a van and want more room inside, you can mount the spare on the rear door with one of our heavy-duty, powder coated steel carriers. Our hitch mount models mount in any 2” receiver hitch. Pickup and SUV owners are offered a variety of models capable of holding up to a 40” tire, which swings out when access to the bed or tailgate is needed. RV owners can go with a model that has its own 2” receiver for a tow bar or bike rack. Another solution is carrying your spare up on the roof. We have easy to mount models which will hold it securely to the roof rack.

Ultimate Protection From the Sun & Elements

Unlike a spare mounted under the bed or one stored inside the vehicle, any size tire that’s uncovered and mounted to a Jeep or SUV tailgate or rear bumper is exposed to UV light which degrades the rubber and cause cracking and discoloration. You can prolong the life of the spare and keep it looking sharp with a specially designed cover. We offer covers to suit every budget and taste in a wide range of sizes, so you can even protect oversize spares. Choose from fabric and vinyl covered fabric in colors or a selection of designs and logos, or for select applications, durable rigid covers of molded hard plastic, that provide a smooth, clean, finished look.

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    Four Great Reasons to Use a Spare Tire Cover
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33" Rugged Ridge Black Diamond Spare Tire Cover
Rugged Ridge® 12803.35 - 33" Black Diamond Spare Tire Cover
Received the cover in the original box, which probably should have been shipped inside a better box. Cover is made of good material and well-built. Color is really Black like I wanted. Tried cover on my tire, only to find that the draw strings could not be pulled tight enough to get the material tight on the tire. My tire is a P255/75R17 spare. I had asked the sales rep when I ordered if this was the size I needed, but apparently they didn't know and said it would fit. I have since put in a exchange for a 30"to 32" Rugged Ridge Black Diamond Spare Tire Cover. Waiting on labels to return the 33" before they will ship the exchange. My suggestion would be to really make sure of what size you order, to keep from having to exchange this cover. Other than that, I would have kept it, as it was the black color and was well made, more than what I expected for the price.
Posted by Richard (Elkhart, TX) / August 06, 20202004 Jeep Wrangler
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